Semi-Private Training in New York City

Get the Individualized Attention of a Private Personal Trainer in a Small Group Setting.
Each program is a month long intensive, at a time, designed according to the level of the group but focused on the individuals' development. Most gym's group classes consist of drop-ins, so one never learns how to train properly and progress safely which often leads to injury. Semi-Privates provide all the perks of a Private Personal Trainer and the motivation of an intimate group setting, so you achieve the results you want at an affordable price. 
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TRx and kettlebells      

Get strong and lean with this full body workout using The TRX Suspension System, invented by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, and Kettlebells

Pilates and Functional Movement 

4 Semi-Private Sessions $180  
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM

First Health PT
119 West 57th St. Suite # 212
New York, NY 10019

This class teaches the classical exercises invented by Joseph Pilates as well as modifications and variations taught by Kelly Kane in combination with exercises to keep you moving well in your daily life. Pilates is a routine that develops core strength, flexibility and long lean muscles of the legs. The class puts emphasis on pelvic and spinal alignment to improve posture and on the use of the breath to properly activate the deep abdominal muscles which support the core. 

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Summer Sculpt Central Park

Not a fan of Boot Camps but want an intense friendly workout to get you in shape for summer?

This community class is the ultimate combination of strength, cardiovascular, core, and flexibility training. Summer Sculpt takes place in New York City's Central Park every Monday and Wednesday evening 7-8pm.  

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Meet @ Strand's Books Kiosk at 60th St and 5th ave.

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Prenatal Fitness

Learn about the changes your body is going through, how to exercises safely, and how to combat discomforts. Just exercise in itself will help you feel better during this time, in addition to getting your pre-pregnant body back quicker, and the potential of an easier labor. The Prenatal Fitness Program consists of full body light- weight bearing activities, Pilates to strengthen the core, and yoga postures for relaxation and breath work.